The University of Easy Anglia invites to a NORA outreach meeting and the 5th NORA project meeting on Thursday September 8, 2016. 
This meeting aims to promote the latest scientific research on the role of microorganisms in soil and plant ecosystems.
NORA Summer School 5 - a web-based course on Popular Scientific Writing. Responsible partner: NMBU. 
The NORA project meeting in 2015 was coordinated with the ENC conference, the NORA Summer Shool 4 and the “TechFest” arrangement (all in Aberdeen).
The 20th European Nitrogen Cycle Conference in Aberdeen, Scotland.
"Gas flux measurements in terrestrial ecosystems - state of the art and emerging technologies", University of Gothenburg. 
On March 12, the Norwegian University if Life Sciences was open for prospective students from both high-schools and colleges around Norway. The arrangement attracted about 250 visitors.       
“Entrepreneurial skills and IPR” (responsible: TUD, Bioclear, Yara and Paques).
“Systems biology and biochemistry of N2O producing bacteria; Waste water treatment technologies” (responsible: TUD and VUA). The course will take place at the TU Delft. All NORA fellows will attend plus 4 more students from each partner lab.