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October 2015: Project Meeting and Summer School 4

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    Luiz Horta

The NORA project meeting in 2015 was coordinated with the ENC conference, the NORA Summer Shool 4 and the “TechFest” arrangement (all in Aberdeen).

School 4 - Omics technologies; Microbial culture collections; Transferable skills.

Friday Oct 2

High-throughput sequencing of functional (N-cycle) genes: sample preparation, bioinformatic tools and statistical approaches (Laurent Philippot, Sara Hallin, Aymé Spor and Chris Jones)

Saturday Oct 3

Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics (Pascal Simonet)
Round Table on ‘omic’ strategies (Catherine Larose)
SIP experiment (Graeme Nicol)

Sunday Oct 4

Computer analysis of metagenomic data
Debate on omics data in the context of ecological questions and hypotheses (Pascal Simonet, Catherine Larose, Jim Prosser)
SIP experiment (Graeme Nicol)

Monday Oct 5

Phylogeny (Graeme Nicol)
SIP experiment (Graeme Nicol)
Coaching for school visits
Visit to NCIMB (techniques for isolation of microorganisms, management of microbial collections and quality assurance (Carol Phillips, Sam Law)

Tuesday Oct 6

Writing research papers and grant applications (Jim Prosser)
(Oral) presentational skills  (Tim Vogel)
SIP experiment (Graeme Nicol)

Wednesday Oct 7

Writing research papers and grant applications – exercises (Jim Prosser)
(Oral) presentational skills - exercises  (Tim Vogel)
SIP experiment (Graeme Nicol)

Thursday Oct 8

School visits

Friday Oct 9

School visits (morning only)

The Lectures will be in the Zoology Building, the Practicals in the Cruickshank Building

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