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8 September, 2016: Outreach and Project Meeting

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The University of Easy Anglia invites to a NORA outreach meeting and the 5th NORA project meeting on Thursday September 8, 2016. 

The University of East Anglia (UEA) organizes this year's N-cycle meeting (Mon Sept 5 – Wed Sept 7, 2016).

The original plan was to connect that to a final NORA project meeting, held on Thursday 8th followed by an open “outreaching” one day conference on Friday 9th. The “Outreach conference” was described in our contract with EU (= Grant Agreement): “Open conference held at UEA to which relevant international stakeholders will be invited” and was planned to take place early autumn 2016.

For various reasons the original plans have been slightly changed, and we will merge the two NORA days into one: 

The “Outreach conference” will be held on Thursday September 8, thus immediately after the N-cycle meeting. We expect all NORA fellows to be there, and hope to also see all supervisors there. A short NORA meeting will be held towards the end of the day to 1) sum up the major scientific achievements so far 2) provide constructive criticism “what has been good – what could have been better – and is there something more we can do now” and 3) discuss publication plans and possibly new research applications. The project meeting will be followed by a dinner for all NORA partners.

Further information and program for the “Outreach” meeting on September 8 will be sent out by David Richardson in early July 2016. 

Please note: There will be no program on Friday September 9. However, with a late project meeting / dinner on Thursday September 8 we ask all NORA people please to stay the night in Norwich. 


Published 9. October 2015 - 9:46 - Updated 15. April 2016 - 14:29