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12 - 14 November 2014: Mid-term Review Meeting

NORA Project meeting combined with the required mid-term meeting with The Research Executive Agency (REA). A pdf-version of the meeting program can be found here


Venue: The Delft Arts Centre, Delft, The Netherlands

Day 1 (Wednesday, November 12)

1200 - 1300: Registration, unpretentious lunch, coffee / tea.
Mounting of posters.

1300: Welcome – Åsa Frostegård and Mark van Loosdrecht

1315 – 1900: Presentation of research and secondments, WP1 and WP2
Work Package 1
1315 – 1340: Pawel Lycus ESR1, NMBU
1340 – 1405: Manuel Soriano-Laguna, ESR2, UEA
1405 – 1430: Daria Kaptsan, ESR3, VUA

1430 – 1500: Coffee / tea

Work Package 2
1500 – 1525: Monica Conte Calvo, ESR4, TUD
1525 – 1650: Linda Hink, ESR5, UNIABD
1650 – 1615: Martina Putz, ESR6, SLU
1615 – 1645: Fruit (or similar), coffee / tea.
1645 – 1710: Luiz Horta, ESR7, INRA
1710 – 1735: Christoph Kueschnig, ESR8, ECL
1735 – 1800: Aline Ramos Da Silva, ER3, Bioclear
1800 – 1900: Discussions

2000: Dinner for all at The Postkantoor

Day 2 (Thursday, November 13)

0900 - 1015: Presentation of research and secondments, WP3
0900 – 0925: Philipp Schleusner, ESR9, UGOT
0925 – 0950: Jan Reent Köster, ER1, NMBU
0950 – 1015: Carlo Lammirato, ER2, YARA

1015: Coffee / tea.

1045 – 1300: WP 1-3; WP overviews; Sum-up and future directions:
What have we accomplished – do we fulfill what we have promised so far – identify gaps – should we redirect some research? Time slots are tentative; the session may continue after lunch if needed
1045-1115: WP1 (Andy Gates)
1115-1200: WP2 (Jim Prosser)
1200-1230: WP3 (Lars Bakken)
1230-1300: “Bird´s eye view” – interactions across WPs – new aspects that should be covered – do we see major changes that need to be done? (Åsa Frostegård)

1300: Lunch

1415 - 1645: Work package discussions and future planning (in WP groups)

1645-1715 Short reports from
WP5- Training (M. v. Loosdrecht) and WP6 - Outreach: (A. Gates).

1715 - Supervisory Board Meeting

2000: Dinner for all at Proeverij de Waag

Day 3 (Friday, November 14)

0830 – 1615:   Mid-term project review by REA
(Our REA project officer Lucia Pacillo will be in Brussels, available online / via phone. Sara Parodi, an Expert Reviewer from REA, will participate in the meeting).

0830 - 0845 Introduction:
Short introduction by Sara Parodi (REA) and Åsa Frostegård.

0845 - 0900 Tour de table: 
All scientist-in-charge should briefly present their research team and describe their role within the network. Introduction of the Associated partners.

0900 - 0945 Coordinator's report: 
Presentation on the Network and the Mid-Term Review Report covering each of the following aspects:

i. Scientific

  • The scientific, technological or socio-economic reasons for carrying out research in the field covered by the research;
  • The research objectives of the network; 
  • Scientific highlights of the work so far.

ii. Training

  • The training programme (distinguishing between that ESRs and ERs);
  • Secondments;
  • Complementary skills;
  • Training events open to external participants.

iii. Networking

  • How the Network functions and how the partners cooperate in practice;
  • Interaction with private sector;
  • Dissemination and outreach activities.

iv. Management 

  • Recruitment report (with relevant statistical data);
  • Management meetings (activities of the Supervisory board, etc.);
  • Financial aspects;
  • Any proposed re-orientations of the networks’ activities.

1000 – 1200 Fellows' individual reports – poster session:
Every funded fellow will present the project and results or achievements so far in a poster session. Scientific content is expected in the presentations. The fellows should prepare a poster showing the main objectives of their projects, methodology used and main results obtained so far. Each fellow presents shortly in an interactive manner her/his poster to all others (ca. 10 minutes each).

  1. At the beginning of the presentation, the fellows should briefly present themselves, their background, and their training experiences within the Network.
  2. The end of the presentation should include the fellows’ expectations on the possible impact of the action on their future.

1200 – 1300 Lunch

1300 - 1500 Meeting between the MC fellows and the REA representative: 
Discussion with The Expert Reviewer about their experiences within the Network in terms of training, progress and impact on their future careers. Main focus will be on:

  1. Administration: Declaration of Conformity, Annexes awareness, working conditions (employment contracts, eligible allowances, visa issues, administrative support), tuition fees.
  2. Supervision and integration: Quality of the supervision, integration within the research team/the network/the host institution/ the country. 
  3. Training: Effectiveness of the Career Development Plan, secondments, PhD courses, attendance to external courses/workshops/conferences, language courses and complementary skills training. 
  4. Scientific: Progress of projects, time schedule, achievements (publications/patents, etc.), acknowledgement of funding source.

1500 - 1545 Feedback and open discussion:
Feedback from the Expert Reviewer and discussion on the output of the Network so far, on possible training areas for future exploitation or the impact on the fellows' future careers development.

1545 - 1615:    Wrap-up by Åsa Frostegård and Mark van Loosdrecht

End of meeting / departure.

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