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Sunday, 10. May, evening:

Ice Breaker party at the Department of Earth Sciences (Guldhedsgatan 5A), University of Gothenburg

Monday, 11. May: N2O emission measurements - requirements, experiences and challenges


- Introduction (ICOS and NORA)

- Klemedtsson, Leif (UGOT, SE): Welcome and presentation of SITES

- Lindroth, Anders (Lund Univ., SE): "ICOS Sweden – a national infrastructure network for greenhouse gas research"

- Frostegård, Åsa (NMBU, NO): "NORA – Nitrous Oxide Research Alliance; From biochemistry to field emissions"

- Biological processes

- Butterbach-Bahl, Klaus, Ralf Kiese, Benjamin Wolf (IMK Garmisch-Partenkirchen, DE): "Measuring soil N2O and other GHG fluxes while disentangling involved processes - challenges of scale"

- Wu, Di, Mehmet Senbayram, Nicolas Brüggemann, Klaus Dittert, Roland Bol (FZ Jülich, DE): “Nitrification inhibitors mitigate fertilizer derived N2O emissions under conditions favoring denitrification)"

- Bakken, Lars R. (NMBU, NO): "Ecophysiology of N2O emissions, new insight fromstudies of model organisms"

- Nadeem, Shahid, Lars Bakken, Jan Reent Köster, Pål Tore Mørkved, Nina Simon, Peter Dörsch (NMBU, NO): “Greenhouse gas mitigation from cultivated soils by pH management using mafic rock powders: a field experiment”

- Modelling of N2O fluxes

- Jansson, Per-Erik (KTH, SE)

- Lammirato, Carlo, Ulrike Lebender, Jens Tierling, Joachim Lammel (Yara, DE): “N2O emissions from a field experiment on fertilization of agricultural soil: measured vs modelled fluxes”

- Hassan, Junaid, Zhi Qu, Linda Bergaust, Lars Bakken (NMBU, NO): “Modelling the denitrification regulary phenotype of Paracoccus denitrificans: a fraction of the batch culture producing Nar, NirS, and cNor nut the entire population producing NosZ”

- Molstad, Lars (NMBU, NO): “Flux calculations from leaky chambers”

- Micromet techniques

- Fowler, David, Ute Skiba, Pete Levy (CEH, UK): "Comparisons between micrometeorological and chamber methods - theory and practice"

- Klemedtsson, Leif, Anna Hedenrud, Per Weslien, Anders Lindroth, Sophie Rychlik, Åsa Kasimir (UGOT, SE): "The nitrous oxide emissions from a willow bio-energy plantation fertilized with mineral N-fertilizer as well as sewage sludge, measured with eddy covariance and automatic chamber techniques"

- Merbold, Lutz, Lukas Hörtnagl, Kathrin Fuchs, Werner Eugster (ETH Zürich, CH): “No memory effects of grassland restoration on N2O exchange of intensively managed grassland in Switzerland”

- Vestin, Patrik, Meelis Mölder, Elin Sundqvist, Margareta Hellström, Anders Båth, Irene Lehner, Per Weslin, Leif Klemedtsson, Anders Lindroth (Lund Univ., SE): “Continuous multi-plot measurements of CO2, CH4, N2O and H2O in a boreal forest – The importance of accounting for all greenhouse gases”

- Development of ICOS protocols for non-CO2 greenhouse gases - open discussion


- Conference dinner

Tuesday, 12. May: Field trip with demonstrations

- NMBU field robot for N2O and CO2 measurements (Köster, Jan Reent, Lars Molstad, Torgrim Lien)

- Eddy covariance system with N2O and CH4 laser

- VOC emission measurements using Eddy Covariance and Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) (Holst, Thomas)

- Laser-based isotope analyses using Cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) (to be confirmed)

- Development of ICOS protocols for non-CO2 greenhouse gases (for ICOS members)

Wednesday, 13. May: State of the art and emerging technologies


- Stable isotope techniques

- Well, Reinhard, Caroline Buchen, Marianna Deppe, Anette Giesemann, Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak, Lena Rohe (Thünen Institute, DE): "Progress in the determination of N2O processes in soil using stable isotope approaches"

- Lasers and fast box approaches

- Nelson, David D., Barry McManus, Scott Herndon, Joanne Shorter, Dylan Jervis, Tara Yacovitch, Mark Zahniser (Aerodyne Research, US): "Measuring the Drivers of Global Climate Change: Using Mid-IR Lasers to Quantify Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases"

- Mohn, Joachim, Lukas Emmenegger (EMPA Dübendorf, CH): "Laser spectroscopic analysis of GHG stable isotopes: recent advances and perspectives"

- Leggett, Graham, Rob Peters, Nabil Saad, Yonggang He, Don Herman, Whendee Silver, Heather Dang (Picarro Inc., US): "Comparison of a Gas Chromatograph and a Cavity Ring-down Spectrometer with Soil Flux Processor for Flux Quantification of Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide and Methane in Closed Soil Chambers"

- Barthel, Matti, Charlotte Decock, Benjamin Wilde, Christopher Mikita, Joachim Mohn, Johan Six (ETH Zürich, CH): “On-line assessment of δ15Nα, δ15Nβ and δ18O of soil-derived N2O using quantum cascade laser spectroscopy"

- Jost, H.J., Eric Wapelhorst, Hans-Juergen Schlueter, Oliver Kracht, Jens Radke, Magda Mandic, Laura Gangi, Roland Bol, Nicolas Brüggemann, Huilin Chen, Harro Meijer (Thermo Fisher Scientific, CH): "Investigating biosphere-atmosphere exchange with a field deployable isotope ratio infrared spectrometer for simultaneous measurements of carbon and oxygen isotopologues of CO2"

- Robotic field platforms and automated systems

- Overskeid, Øyvind (Adigo, NO)

- Ineson, Phil (Uni York, UK): "Automating greenhouse gas flux measurements - why bother?"

- Dörsch, Peter, Lars Molstad, Jan Reent Köster, Audun Korsaeth (NMBU, NO): "Automated GHG measurements along transects: use of a cable operated chamber with FTIR - a concept study"

- Köster, Jan Reent, Lars Molstad, Peter Dörsch, Audun Korsaeth, Lars Bakken (NMBU, NO): "Development and deployment of an autonomous field robot for laser-based N2O flux measurements"

- Wolf, Benjamin, Eugenio Diaz-Pines, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Ralf Kiese (IMK Garmisch-Partenkirchen, DE): “Robotic greenhouse gas (GHG) measurements in the TERENO-prealpine observatory"

- Görres, Carolyn-Monica, Claudia Kammann, Reinhart Ceulemans (University of Antwerp, BE): “Field comparison of two commercially available automated chamber systems for soil CO2 flux measurements”

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