Full-text versions of scientific publications in international journals can be found on the NORA Intranet (logon required). Here is a list of NORA papers published so far.
The overarching scientific goal of NORA is to understand the biochemistry and ecophysiology that underpins N2O emissions, improve the assessment of the emissions and to find mitigation options. This was reached through the integration of detailed biochemical approaches, microbiology and physiology studies of relevant organisms (model organisms and newly isolated strains), microbial ecology of complex systems (soils and wastewaters), field emission studies and advanced technological development. Here you can read about the research and the main results that we obtained, detailed for the three scientific work packages (WP1, 2 and 3).
Here you will find a selection of relevant publications by researchers in the NORA network. These publications are not a result of the NORA project as such, but rather results from research areas and persons related to the NORA project.